Thursday, October 25, 2018

I did not meet any person yet who is 100% happy with her/his body or face. 
There is always some small detail that bothers people. The right side of the face is more beautiful than the left one. The nose is not perfect enough, my legs are short, my fingers are skinny and so on.
So when the people receive the pictures they are not pleased with a result now and then. For instance, I take it very personally, even sometimes too personally. I want to see a happy and pleased customer at the end of our project,  but not the person who judges herself/himself being thin, fat, with small eyes, short hair and so on. As for me, I don't consider this matter of concern as a problem. I believe all people are beautiful and I let my customers choose pictures from the photoshoot. It is my way to change a focus from personal issues to my work and to avoid mutual discontent. 

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